Staying at Audley End

Last week we spent a few days at Audley End. We didn’t stay in the main house:

Audley End House

We stayed in the gate house – Cambridge Lodge:

Cambridge Lodge

The gate house was lovely. They’d kept it as much in period as possible, although we did have a modern kitchen and bathroom. But no internet. This fact was met with dismay by my family but we created our own WiFi LAN by tethering the iPhones. Skye wasn’t at all bothered by the lack of an internet connection and made herself at home…

Front door Window seat

Audley End House was magnificent, as were the grounds. During WW2, the house was used by the military to train Polish SOE operatives before they were parachuted into occupied Poland. There is still plenty of evidence of this:

IMG_2608 Pill Box 2

and a simple memorial to those who lost their lives.

Polish SOE

During the day, the house was open to the public and was pretty busy. The best bit for us was once the gates were shut and we had the grounds to ourselves to walk, explore or have a picnic on the lawn.


Mid-morning, it’s getting busy:


6pm and they’ve all gone !


The grounds had some lovely outbuildings and other interesting places:


Boat House

While we were there I did manage a few caches. There was a nearby Harry Potter-based puzzle series, I’d solved all the puzzles before we went but I only had time to find 3 of them. Within about 60 Metres of our house there was a micro which had been DNFd by 6 of the last 7 cachers so I felt duty bound to find it. It turned out to be a really “nasty” ICT but after a couple of attempts I found it. I felt pretty chuffed at that so I think I did enough, considering I was on a family holiday.

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