Last Tuesday we went to Hughenden Manor. This is famous for being Disraeli’s home.

manor view

An impressive building from the outside, the interior was similarly interesting. As we walked round it seemed as if it was still lived in, as opposed to feeling like a museum. I think that was down to the way the house was presented and it didn’t feel as if the rooms were cordoned off.

front elevation rear elevation

It was interesting to learn that during WW2 the house was used by the Air Ministry. Codenamed “Hillside”, it was the top secret centre where the target maps for Bomber Command were created from aerial photographs taken by RAF PR aircraft. Fascinating stuff!

Wandering around the gardens afterwards, I saw this top secret instruction:



I wondered what would happen if they didn’t?

One thought on “Hillside

  1. Thanks Steve for the memory! I went there with Dave Elms in search of Dashwood’s house (the main person in the creation of the infamous Hellfire club and the caves a little way from there). We instead went into Disraeli’s House by mistake (Dashwood’s house is over the road!). Quite fascinating though – even if it wasn’t what we expected!

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