UK Mega 2013

Yesterday I went to this year’s UK Mega. Bob drove us (that’s Bob, me & Del) in his Range Rover Classic, which was great on two counts. Firstly because it’s a Range Rover Classic and secondly because our destination was the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon.

This way for Land Rovers

As you might expect, there was a large Land Rover presence at the venue. I had my eye on one of those Defenders 🙂

Land Rovers

We also saw this Series I. Bob wanted to take it home.

Land Rover Series I

Oh, I forgot why we were there! The Geocaching Mega Event. This was excellent. The organising committee had done a superb job, securing a marvellous venue with lots of interesting stands, etc.  We found a couple of caches on our way there and then spent a while looking around the halls, picking up some souvenirs and chatting to other cachers before  heading outside to grab some local caches. We joined forces with a couple of cachers we knew well from our local group and struck off into the countryside. After that, we headed to Gaydon itself to try our hand at a Wherigo.

This was my first ever Wherigo and it turned out to be a hoot from the start. Of the three of us, with all our technology, my iPhone 5 was the only device which seemed to work with this cartridge so I ended up as defacto navigator. There followed an amusing meander around Gaydon village with me looking at the iPhone, muttering a sort of abridged narration and then the three of us reacting to the latest bit of information when it popped up as we arrived at each pre-programmed “zone”.  If you’ve not heard of a Wherigo, it was a bit like a treasure hunt (or more likely nearly a murder mystery!) as we encountered a succession of virtual characters and undertook their tasks in an effort to find Signal’s car keys. At one point we had a frog, a vicar, a couple of drunks, a small boy and a hamster on the adventure with us; however it all worked out alright in the end.

Oh, yes. We were still stuck with the frog:


We also got stopped by some very curious locals who asked why there were so many people wandering around their village and peering at the lamp post outside their house. I should point out that the Wherigo wasn’t the only cache in the village!

After that we bagged a few more caches, then it was back to the Range Rover and time for a bunch of drive-bys en route to the M40. In total we got 22 finds. That’s a lot by my standards 🙂

A most excellent day out.


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