Museum piece

Today I had to get an old Dell laptop out of my “museum of tech”.

Reason? So that my daughter could log on to her works HR system to book her holiday. Unbelievably their application only works with IE. I really thought I’d seen the back of that class of lazy programming.

At my last work place, our HR ran on SAP and required nothing finer than IE6 but that was a couple of years ago. Truly hope things have moved on since. I wonder?

2 thoughts on “Museum piece

  1. true – but if you recall you needed a screen configuration of a certain size for SAP to be fully visible.
    Personally, I’m not that surprised… if you don’t spec it properly, the builders won’t automatically think “Oh we must make it work with x”… that’s a UAT signoff… 🙂

    1. So we did! I had forgotten about that “feature”!

      In my daughter’s case, using any browser other than IE results in a server error. All the staff were told “it only works with windows” (sic). Many of her colleagues then found their (Windows) versions of popular browsers* didn’t work either.

      * Firefox & Chrome

      They probable should have gone down the VM route like wot we did for troublesome clients.

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