Website moved

Okay, so it has taken me longer than I had planned to move my website to the new hosting service. That’s purely down to me because I decided to redo the site.

I developed my old website using RapidWeaver mainly because I wanted to experiment with it, however I was never happy with the free templates and the degree of customisation available within them. In my previous life (working in IT) I had developed web pages using a combination of NetObjects and the good old text editor but of course that’s all in the past and my skills could therefore be best described as “rusty”. I decided that this time I would ditch the WYSIWYG design tools and re-learn some hmtl and css.

So I’ve designed and built the new site from scratch. I took advantage of the 960 Grid system which was a layout boon; I’ve used some simple css code and even more simple (!) html but the result is a nice clean website. At the moment the site only covers my Geocaching activities but I have plans to expand both that and add further content covering my other interests.

In parallel with this I’ve been digging beneath the surface of blogger to help daughter #1 customise her blog – (well worth a look) – and my next job as web developer is to work on daughter #2’s website.

There’s a link to my site in the side panel but here’s the URL if you want to have a look:

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