Parcel Farce

Yesterday, Parcelforce (or Parcelfarce as I have decided to call them) tried to deliver my Pi while I was out.

The driver left a card advising me that he’d left my parcel at my local post office. Apparently they do this a lot these days. Well, I went to collect it but the chap at the post office told me the parcel hadn’t been left with him. Apparently Parcelfarce do this a lot as well. So, as a bit of an afterthought, I checked the tracking status. It just said “Delivery attempted”. Helpful.

This morning I checked the tracker again. Status = “Loaded on vehicle for delivery” What?! OK, I thought. We’ll just have to make sure someone is at home all day, which we did.

Fast forward to about 16.00 hrs. No sign of Parcelfarce. I’d been busy doing other stuff up until now, plus several other things had been delivered by other couriers so I hadn’t really wasted the day by being in. Anyway, I decided to check the tracker. Status = “Delivery attempted”, timed at 15.08. Whoa. Not true. No “we tried” card through letterbox. So they hadn’t even tried playing Knock down Ginger. According to the interwebs, apparently they do that a lot.

So now I’m not happy at all. I rang the depot (on a number which is neither free nor local rate – Grrr!) The nice lady I spoke to checked her systems and reported that the parcel had been delivered to my local post office. Definitely this time. Someone had signed for it. My angry status was still “Incandescent” at this stage and I wanted an explanation. Nice Lady informed me that she could check the vehicle’s GPS tracker, which she did, and then told me that the GPS track showed that the driver stayed on the main road and didn’t even drive into my road. I’m guessing he skipped some of his deliveries (possibly thinking I wouldn’t be at home again today) and drove straight to the post office to save himself some time. I’m guessing he does that a lot.

This evening I wrote a letter of complaint to Parcelforce’s CEO, which made me feel better. I wonder if many dissatisfied customers do that (a lot)?


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