This was the ‘droid I was looking for

Over the last few weeks, drsolly has been working on a reincarnation of his Geocaching Robot Arm and I’ve been watching with interest, including doing a spot of Beta testing (to see how it worked with Macs and iOS devices).

Yesterday its related cache was published. I, along with a few others (!) set about solving the puzzle needed to get the access codes to control the robot arm and hence obtain the clues to the cache itself. Manoeuvring the robot arm remotely was huge fun, so much so that I’ve been back again for another play, even though I already had the info I needed by that stage!

Today, armed with the final coordinates, Bob and I set off to find the cache. Fortunately the rain held off, although we were walking along a stream (which shouldn’t have been there) at one point! So, we found the cache. It was a really enjoyable cache – part puzzle, part hand/eye/computer coordination game, part traditional search in woodland. I highly recommend you have a go if you’re able. See here.

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