Geocaching – the perils of stealth

Recently, I was out caching with my daughter and Skye the geodog. We parked the Freelander at the end of a quiet, sleepy lane in a small church car park. Right next to where I parked the car was a cache, we decided to head off to do some other caches in the area with the intention of doing the one by the car when we returned. In hindsight we should have done it first…

After doing the other caches, we arrived back at the car. Before I could grab the cache, a huge transit van arrived and parked right next to it. Out bundled 3 blokes who dragged out ladders, long poles and other paraphernalia before setting about cleaning the windows of the adjacent house. Now, one of the principles of geocaching is that you do your caching covertly, you do not want non-geocaching folk to see what you are doing. Anyway…

I waited until the window cleaning crew were busy and couldn’t see me before I went to get the cache. Just as I did so a taxi arrived and parked next to me. I was well and truly stuck now. My daughter and I made a pretence of sorting Skye out with a drink, etc. while the passenger, a little old lady, got out. The taxi driver helped her towards the church and, after some 5 minutes, she moved out of our sight. After a bit more faffing, the driver got back in his taxi and eventually drove off. Once he had gone, the lane returned to its normal quiet self and I was able to put the cache back where it belonged.

Sighs of relief all round.

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