The other night we went to a Geocaching event in Stony Stratford. Afterwards my caching buddy Bob and I decided to grab a few caches before heading home. Leaving the pub we set off across a field towards the river Ouse. At this point we discovered it was a bit foggy. In fact,quite foggy. In fact the closer we went towards the river the thicker the fog became. Our torches cut clean, bright lines through the fog, even so their normal powerful reach was diminished by the fog and I could see the fog particles swirling in the light’s beam in front of me. In other words I couldn’t actually see very far ahead at all.

As the night worn on, the fog got even more dense, fortunately we had distinct paths to follow so it wasn’t too much of a problem. Towards the end we were looking for a sluice on the river, we could hear the water rushing over the weir long before we got to the location. Fortunately there were safety railings surrounding it so there was no danger of us falling in because we couldn’t see it. 😀

So, all caches found and it was back to the town and the car. Thank goodness for streetlights.


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