Crossover – update

Back in August I wrote about trying Crossover for Mac. This is an application which allows you to run Windows apps on your Mac without running Windows. Now, most Windows apps I can do without. Except that I wanted to try GSAK.

At first it was looking quite promising. Even though Codeweaver don’t have a CrossTie, I installed the GSAK App. Mostly it seemed to work fine, however it refused to connect to the Geocaching servers – one of GSAK’s fundamental features. I hit the forums and I soon discovered that GSAK relies on Windows’ inbuilt Internet Explorer for its internet connectivity, which of course you would have if you were running GSAK on Windows.

Back in Crossover I installed IE in the same bottle, hoping that GSAK would talk to IE, however this didn’t work either. I tried several versions of IE, just in case something had changed in the compatibility area. No dice. I also discovered that GSAK’s author has no plans nor inclination to support GSAK running in Crossover, any more than he is interested in porting it to OS X. Not that I have a problem with that, he knows his market and has no need to develop for other platforms.

So, Crossover is not going to make a permanent home on my Mac. And if I want to use GSAK I will have to persevere with Windows running in a VM. More of that in due course.


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