Around Studham

On Tuesday I took Skye on a walk around Studham. We bagged 14 caches.

Apart from Skye chasing a Pheasant (why do they run away from you in a straight line instead of diving into a hedge or, better still, flying away?)  the walk was mostly uneventful. At the penultimate cache we did have a bit of excitement.

The cache involved a detour off the path and us clambering over a fallen tree and through some undergrowth. Getting back out again was slightly tricky, getting Skye to jump over the tree and push through brambles etc. We made a bit of a meal of it, what with me telling Skye which way to go and telling her to stop while I extricated myself from tangling undergrowth, etc. As we emerged, on the other side of the path stood an old man. His appearance reminded me of the crooked man in the nursery rhyme and he seemed as surprised to see us as we were to see him. “I wondered what was going to come out of there”, he said, then “Was you asleep in there?” which I thought a bit strange. I decided to avoid an explanation about geocaching and said something about having to extricate my dog from the bushes! He seemed to accept that and we made good our escape.

Overall a good caching trip and Skye enjoyed herself – she had a nap in the Freelander on the way home. 🙂


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