It ‘aint arf ‘ot !

The sun beat down on me mercilessly as I lay there in the open. Was there no shade from this remorseless sun? It felt as though it was burning right through my skin, slowly frying my insides. I looked up towards the sky and tried unsuccessfully to open my eyes. With my eyes shut against the light, all I could see was a bright orange glow, with swirling patterns like some demented disco lighting from the 1970’s. “I can’t take much more of this”, I said to myself, as the sweat prickled on my forehead and ran in rivulets across my face. “I have to get to shelter soon, before it’s too late”, I thought.

After what seemed ages but was probably only about five minutes, I managed to raise my right arm and, with my hand shielding my eyes from the relentless sun, I gradually opened my eyes. The brightness of the endless blue sky initially distorted my vision as I gradually got my bearings. “Bloody hell”, I muttered. “How can any normal human being stand this heat?”. So I struggled to my feet and went indoors to get a nice cold beer.


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