Silverstone Circuit and Customer Care

Some time ago I posted my feelings on the “Rain 1, Silverstone Circuit 0,” episode. Well, eventually Silverstone put a claim form up on their site so that disgruntled fans had a mechanism to claim refunds on their unused tickets. I duly completed the form and sent it “Signed for” rather than using the freepost they provided.

So, a couple of weeks went by. I decided to contact them but the telephone number they published didn’t work. Directory Enquiries to the rescue. I spoke to a pleasant lady who informed me that

  1. They were collecting all the claims forms and entering the details into a database. 
  2. After the 17th August they would start processing them in the order they were received.

Hang on.

All they are doing at the moment is recording claims? They haven’t begun to process them and they won’t start until the 17th? The pleasant lady confirmed this. I politely told her how unreasonable I found this (which predictably fell on deaf ears).

What a shower. What a rubbish system. They should have a process in place such that each claim gets processed through each stage as soon as it is received, rather like a production line. Can you imagine a car manufacturer making 10,000 car bodies and arranging them in neat rows before starting to assemble 10,000 engines? No, neither can I.

So, I can do no more than wait. Except; I did write to Derek Warwick. He’s the President of the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC). The owners of Silverstone. The body behind the organisation of the GP. The body responsible for investing in the circuit infrastructure. The body which has spend gazillions on fancy facilities for the BRDC and the monied hangers-on. The body which could have spent money over the last 20 something years on decent car parking and civilised toilet facilities but hasn’t.

Glad I’ve got that off my chest.

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