Last week (5th July) I set up the new Super Hub which Virgin Media had sent me. I wasn’t particularly bothered about the projected speed increase but one has to keep up with the Bransons, doesn’t one? Anyway, having had it for a week it’s time for a review.

Installation was a breeze, however the kit is a Netgear wireless router and although I’m sure it would perform well enough I already have my networks configured how I like them, using an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station. Fortunately VM’s Super hub can be configured as a modem. Having set it up in “modem mode” I just had to use an ethernet cable to connect the Super Hub to my AEBS and that was it, job done.

VM’s promised speed was “up to” 60Mb/s downstream – when I set it up with a wired connection I got:

Speed test after install 62Mb/s

In more normal use, on my “n” WiFi I am getting around mid-50Mb/s. My network typically has 2 or 3 Macs, 2 iPads and a few iPhones connected at the same time (and maybe the XBox). Not too shabby in my view. This is a test from just now:

A typical speedtest result - 50Mb/s

Happy with that. 🙂

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