The IT Dept

Today  we tried to book a short break. Came to choosing the accommodation type and the webpage only gave me the option of “disabled facilities”, which we don’t want so I tried stepping back then selecting again. Same result. Now, I know that they have other accommodation (I can see it in the LOV) but for some reason it won’t let me select it. Tried cancelling and starting again. Same. Closed browser and tried again from scratch. Same. Tried Chrome instead of Safari. Same.

OK, so I was a bit annoyed by now so I rang them. They tried it themselves. The same. The nice lady agreed this wasn’t right, so we decided that I would make the booking without specifying an accommodation type after which she would go into my booking and amend the type to suit me. Once she had done this she would ring me back.

I assumed this would be a fairly quick process but in the event she rang me about 3 hours later. Turns out nobody in the bookings dept could do it and they had to get their IT Dept to make a change to the database.

So what on the face of it was a simple booking task took about 5 hours to complete.

Bloody IT.

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