On being retired

I’ve just realised it is now over a year since I left my job so I thought I ought to say something to mark the anniversary.

Even though I’m “retired”, I’ve been kept almost fully occupied, so much so  that I sometime wonder how I got stuff like this done back in the day when I was working and I only had weekends and the odd day off to get “social & domestic” jobs done. Hmm, I’m sure there’s a time management theory about that.

Another thing I’ve found is that I haven’t thought about – or missed – my old job. Actually that’s not quite true. Now I think about it, I have missed the internal politics, the escalating expectations of our masters of us to do more with less, dealing with idiosyncratic staff & customers, the commute, having to use bloody Microsoft products and waiting three years for our masters to sell us down the river (also known as outsourcing), to name but a few.

So, I’ve not missed it much then! I have however missed the interaction with a few of my colleagues (a little bit). I try to keep in touch with the few I consider friends and of course I can always flip through Facebook occasionally.

Still, I don’t regard myself as “retired”, if I was an actor I’d probably use the term “resting”. I’m on the lookout for a suitable part time job but the focus is on doing something I enjoy, I don’t want to end up in the rat race again. Meanwhile I’ll just carry on being retired.

Oh, and my new lifestyle hasn’t resulted in any lie-ins. I’m still the first person to get up in the morning.

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