Dude, where’s my plane?

As I write this, I’m sitting on the floor in the departure lounge at Alicante. Our flight was due to take off at 19.45. It’s 20.54 as I type this and there is no sign our plane, much less us boarding it. I am slightly bored so have decided to do a blog covering the hopefully short period of time until our departure. I’ll have to wait to post this though, as there’s no WiFi and I’m not paying O2’s extortionate roaming fees to get a cellular data connection.

We’ve moved to some chairs as there’s still no sign of the plane. We’ve been here for ages, having checked in on time and expected to board at 19.05. First off, the flight info screen showed the flight as delayed, followed after a while by boarding and a gate number. When we got to the gate there was a plane there – from another airline! It left and was replaced by another (still not ours) which also boarded and left. To this point we’d not been told anything.

21.23: We’ve just been called to the gate. Again. So here we are in the queue, however I can look out onto the apron and there is still no plane outside. Hmmm.

21.29: Activity! I do believe we will board soon, at least getting on a bus. Hopefully it will take us to the plane and not drive all the way to Gatwick.

22.20: Take-off! Successful old-school boarding of plane using old fashioned stairs, after the usual platitudes from the flight deck we subsequently got a second announcement, an apology even; apparently the plane had a bird strike on its approach to Alicante so the delay was due to the safety checks needed before they could declare the aircraft serviceable. It Would still have been nice if someone had given us more information in the airport, instead of leaving us all in the dark.

Even with the adjustment of timezone, I still think it will be after midnight before we get out so I expect to be charged for an extra day’s parking.

At the moment though I’m just pleased we are airborne.

Update : Landed at Gatters. Now able to post this 🙂

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