Customer Care

In B&Q today. I picked up a couple of lengths of feather edge timber.

Said to the “outdoor timber” bloke, “Can I buy these individually? I only want 2, not a pack of 6”.
“Yep”, he says. “The chap in the till will give you a price”.

So, I turned up at the till. Till chap scans the barcode he finds on one plank. “These are priced for a pack of 6 and you’ve only got 2”.

“Yes”, I say. “(Timber Man) said that I could buy individual lengths and you’d find me a price”.
“But we only sell them in packs of 6” he replies.
“No, these were not part of a pack and as I said, your colleague said it was OK to buy them” I responded.

By now there is a small queue at the tills…

He hails a passing supervisor: “Can you get me a price for these, I’ve only got a price for packs of 6”.
Supervisor: “Why don’t you do it? You’ll be quicker than me anyway”.

So off he goes, to the outdoor timber area at the far side of the store (and outside). The queue has got longer now

Finally he returns. “We only sell them in packs of 6” he says. Doesn’t suggest an alternative, just looks at me.

I take the timber off my trolley and stand it up against his till. “OK, I’ll leave these and just pay for the other stuff. I’ll drive over to Wickes and buy my timber there”.

He says, “I can sell them to you for £2 each if you like”.


I manage not to say “Doh!” (or worse) and smile kindly, “That will do nicely, thank you”.

What is the matter with these people? They aren’t like the ones in the TV ads!

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