Support your local florist? Not if you want a decent service!

Last week we ordered a pink flower bouquet and a pink “21st” balloon bouquet for our eldest daughter’s 21st Birthday, via Interflora.

On the day, our order was delivered by a local florist – Katie Pico of Hemel Hempstead. However what we received bore no relation to what we ordered. The flower bouquet was supposed to be pink but had not a single pink flower in it, in addition it was made up of mainly cheap flowers – I could have done better by spending £5 in Sainsbury’s or Tescos.

As for the balloons, well… Bear in mind this was supposed to be for a special occasion. The web site’s description was for three pink heart-shaped 21st Birthday balloons and three pastel pink star-shaped balloons. What we got was 2 pink “21” heart balloons, 3 multi-coloured Happy Birthday balloons and 1 purple 21st Birthday star which was already deflating. The ribbons were yellow and the canvas bag containing the weight was lime green. Needless to say we were extremely disappointed.

I rang Interflora who were understanding and promised to sort it out for me straight away. Thus began several days of telephone calls to them and to the florist (once we discovered their identity). I have been promised both a refund and a replacement bouquet of flowers to the original specification. 4 days later, I have yet to receive the correct flowers and the refund.

I am disgusted that a florist can rip customers off in this way – from reviews I’ve seen on the interweb it seems this one has a history of poor service, and that’s putting it very politely.

It seems customer care counts for nothing these days, because although I am a customer with a genuine grievance, they clearly don’t care!

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