Happy 10th Birthday, England’s oldest cache!

This geocaching lark is great fun. Yesterday evening I attended a geocaching event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of England’s oldest surviving cache, “View from Coombe Hill”.

We all met up at the Russell Arms at Butlers Cross near Wendover for a couple of beers before leaving the pub at about 10.30 and making the night-time trek up Coombe Hill in the dark to the monument at the top. The route was marked out with glo-sticks but negotiating the very muddy terrain, especially the very steep bit, was both great fun and knackering at the same time.

When we had all got to the top, major fireworks were set off in celebration (Oooh! Aaah!). Standing on the top of the hill we had a fantastic view of the surrounding area, with the twinkling streetlights and the well-illuminated Chequers. We wondered what the PM would make of the fireworks…

We then set off to find a celebratory cache and then to the site of the oldest cache itself to wish it a happy birthday, before heading back down to the pub.

On the way up I had thought, “this hill is going to be interesting going back down” and I wasn’t wrong. It seemed even steeper to descend and, what with the very wet and muddy ground, it was only a matter of time before I ended up on my arse. Boot fail! Still, no harm done and I wasn’t the only one by any means. In fact judging by the shrieks of laughter from further up the hill, I think one or two people slid the whole way down on their bums rather than try to stand up! We finally got back to the pub car park at about midnight.

All in all a great night!

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