One Month In

Or should that be One Month Out?

It is one month today that I changed my life, going from being a “lifer” at my place of work to being “retired”. I use the term reluctantly because while I left my employer as a “retiree” I do not envisage sitting at home and doing nothing for ever. <reaches for pipe and slippers>. I fear that if I did I would go mad, at least as mad as I would have gone had I remained at my job for much longer and that is not part of my plan!

So what have I been doing? Just sorting things out, making plans etc.. I have also been looking forward to Christmas. Now that’s something I haven’t felt like doing for a few years.

Can’t say I’ve missed the office and I haven’t thought about work or the jobs I left behind (until just now when I typed this) <Interesting…>. When I left I decided that I wouldn’t undertake a major clearance of my desk. Of course, I sanitised my PC and network drives and handed over sensitive papers to my line manager, but I didn’t actually take much home with me. I gave a few “desk toys” away to friends or colleagues and that was about it. I felt that I was cutting away from my old life in an instant way rather than a gradual build-up and that it would be easier to simply walk away than spend pointless time sifting through what was probably going to be regarded as the past by the incoming new broom anyway. To be honest the only thing I was sure I wanted to take home was my favourite Ferrari coffee mug – I’m using that in my “home office”!

Since leaving I’ve heard from some of my team and other work colleagues, I hope and believe that they are coping with the huge change to which they’ve been subjected and I’ll keep in touch with some of them – the ones that I want to – not just because I worked with them but because I consider them as friends. How many will keep in contact back? Time will tell.

Meanwhile I move, as they say, “Onwards and Upwards”!

One thought on “One Month In

  1. it’s good to read that you’re settling into the new life.

    What may be interesting to see is how much this new life becomes like the ‘old’ life – a standard Monday to Friday routine, with a standard dress code (no matter how relaxed it might be) and dealing with people – some you like, others….

    Anyway, I think the healthy thing was to be able to step back on your own terms rather than have them dictated to you.

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