My new life begins

Well, dear reader; it has finally happened.

Last Friday was my last day working for my very, very long-term employer. It has been a difficult year, what with me wanting to leave but having to wait for the right moment to escape with both sanity and soul intact. Well, I finally made it out alive.

As you might expect, I had mixed feelings about leaving, after all I had been there for many, many years. All the expected feelings competed for my attention: loyalty to my colleagues and employer, leaving my comfort zone, fear of the unknown, etc. At the same time, our way of working was about to change significantly and, on balance, leaving before the Big Change was the best option for me. Of course I will miss many of the people I worked with, both in our department and my customers in the wider organisation but, equally, there are some I will be glad to see the back of. Similarly, while I still enjoyed the job on the rare occasions I was able to do some “real IT”, the nature of the role had changed substantially over the last couple of years and it was no longer the job I had signed up for. It was time to get out.

So, this week I have been mainly retired! This state will not last for ever as after a decent rest to flush out my system, I will be sallying forth to pastures new. 🙂

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