I’m still on Facebook!

Like many, I’ve been concerned at Facebook’s cavalier attitude to its users’ personal data, however things have improved of late. In part this must be due to pressure from movements like Quit Facebook Day. OK so it doesn’t seem to have lived up to expectations with far fewer actually deleting their accounts than had promised, but I’m sure FB has been listening to its critics.

Speaking personally, I don’t use it that much, just for keeping in touch with family & friends and I wouldn’t delete my account. Oh yes, there are things that annoy me. E.g. one day when I went onto my profile page it insisted that I link all my music interests to “band” pages and when I failed to do that it deleted the lot! Oh, and I’m so over Farmville.

Where was I? Please excuse my rambling. Yes I am still on Facebook but that doesn’t mean I’m happy for them to pass my details on to third parties. So, fellow Facebookers, don’t forget the multitude of privacy settings available to you and watch what is out there about you on the interweb!

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