Relative heat

We’ve had some brilliant hot sunny weather here in England over the last few days. Yesterday I was about to tweet the temperature according to my car dashboard readout (after all it appeared to be an incredible 31C for a while) when I suddenly had a thought. Now to be fair, I’ve not heard anyone actually complaining about the heat and weather like this is sort of unusual for us, nevertheless I’m sure that many will have complained about the heat, how difficult it has been to sleep, how thirsty they’ve been, etc.

So as I said, it made me think. This short-lived warm weather is nothing in comparison to what our servicemen & women are enduring right now in Afghanistan. That’s quite apart from the constant threat of IEDs and being shot at! For sure we have nothing to complain about compared to them!

Anyway, it’s Armed Forces day in a month’s time, so please have a look at these links and support our troops.

Armed Forces Day

Help For Heros

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