Driving standards

So we’re in the left of two lanes approaching the magic roundabout and this dick in a small white van suddenly just pushes in from the right lane like I’m not there. I’ve nowhere to go and so I sound my horn, he’s still trying to occupy the same bit of tarmac I’m already in and I’m up against the plastic roadworks barrier on my nearside. Anyway, I lean on the horn and he stops, his hazards come on. Maybe he wants to make something of it, who knows? I reverse a bit and drive around the right side of him and off I go. In all the excitement he seems to have stalled or his van has packed up. All I can say is what a tosser.

I am so fed up of being cut up, pushed around and generally subjected to aggravation from moronic arses like that. This country has more traffic regulations than anywhere else (Ok well everywhere except Switzerland. Or Germany, or… well, I digress) yet that makes no difference, England is full of selfish, ignorant, arrogant, aggressive bastards who think they can bully the rest of us off the road. This wasn’t the first time it’s happened to me recently and I regret that it won’t be the last either.

Oh, well. Rant over. Hope being shown up and maybe having his van break down on him will have restored some natural justice. For a while.


One thought on “Driving standards

  1. Quote: this dick in a small white van
    Clue to driving style: white van
    (although at the moment, I’d also add that the addition of a white flag with a red cross is a helpful indicator too)

    Reason for poor driving style (my opinion): lack of visible deterrant for driving style (i.e. police cars – not hidden ‘safety cameras’) or enforcement of regular driving tests.

    And of course – there’s no test for driving on the motorway. You can’t drive on the motorway before you pass your test… and few people want to carry on learning/being tested once they have their license – so have no idea about Lane 1 except in theory.

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