Know Your Enemy

I know mine. Procrastination. Well, actually it’s enemies: procrastination and being distracted down the easy path.

I have really let my guitar playing slide (no pun intended) over the last few months. There’s been so much important stuff to deal with that setting time aside to practice playing the guitar was not easy, so it just wasn’t happening. It needs more dedication than, for example, surfing the net or going on the XBox for half an hour.

Anyway I was browsing the magazine racks at the weekend and spotted the latest Total Guitar, which I do buy every now and again. Their riff of the month was Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy”, so I bought it. That Green Day track is so good (as is the whole 21st Century Breakdown album. So my next goal is to learn the Know Your Enemy riff and this will galvanise me into spending more time on the guitar.

It’s time to ROCK!

One thought on “Know Your Enemy

  1. You may find that you need to “book personal time” into your diary. Like work, we faced demands on our time by others, and there is a need to manage this else you end up at the beck and call of everyone else. Not an easy task to do, but for personal sanity may be your best option.

    Rock on, dude! \m/ \m/

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