Effing snow

Expected snow so got up early because I had to make it into the office “no matter what” for an important meeting with a software supplier. By the time I left the house the snow had reached blizzard conditions, as soon as I cleared the snow off the car it was covered again. In the end I thought F**k it, bunged it into 4wd and set off anyway.

Journey not too bad, until I got into outer London at which point the traffic simply ground to a halt. Dunno why as there was no snow down there. Apparently all the other cars only had a serviceable first gear. Anyway, finally made it in, 20 miles in a tad under 2 1/2 hours.

However, while everyone from my side got into the office, none of the supplier’s lot made it so the meeting was off. Bloody Marvellous!

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