Moves and Changes

Decided to move my iMac out of the grandly named computer room into my living room. The reasons are twofold. Firstly the iMac is a work of art and deserves to be shown off a bit more and, secondly, the computer room has become a bit of a tip and isn’t very pleasant to sit in at present. Basically it needs a bloody good clear out and decorate. Now that’s a major project in itself so, moving swiftly on…

So, moving the iMac into the living room. I need a table to put it on so I’ve got one on order. I’ll say no more in case it turns out to be shite and I have to send it back. Once I’d decided where the Mac should go I also decided that I didn’t want to move the printer with it – that would cause unnecessary clutter and detract from the purity of the iMac. I therefore purchased a wireless printer. This arrived yesterday and was a bit of a pig to set up.

The basic printer install went fine, unpacking it, installing the HP software, etc. all good. The problem came when it refused to see my wireless LAN. Being an IT guy I would normally ignore the enclosed instructions but, having read several reviews where people recommended following the instructions, I followed them slavishly. When that didn’t work I tried a few hacks but I finally resorted to the HP support site where I found a completely different installation guide. Which worked. So there you go! I still have to set the printer up on my iBook and 2 XP laptops but hopefully that will be easy. I’ll let you know if not!

More updates when the table arrives!


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