Dark Horses

Now that the evenings are drawing in, one of my pet hates has reared its “invisible” head again.

People riding or leading horses along country lanes in the dark with no lights!. Yes, I know horses don’t have any integral source of electricity but cycle riders equip their steeds with lights so why not horses? There’s no excuse, except for the rider’s innate stupidity. It drives me bloody mad, these equine imbeciles already have the arrogance to take their horses out into the path of cars, often driven by people with no sympathy for the horse, safe in the knowledge that they are impervious to harm from three quarters of a ton of metal doing 30mph plus. I’m one of the considerate ones and given the nature of the roads I use, I expect the odd horse in my path. It’s a different matter when a sodding great horse looms out of the gloom at the end of your headlight beam! What are they thinking?


One thought on “Dark Horses

  1. Can you get lights for horses?
    Perhaps it’s just Darwinism in action – it’s just terrible that these people (being animal lovers) don’t consider the very things they are supposed to care about.

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