Macbook review

I’ve now had a chance to try out the new MacBook and MacBook Pro at the Apple Store, so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you, dear reader.


  • Aluminium casing and the smooth curve of the lid a lá MacBook Air.
  • Trackpad, which you’d never know was made from glass. It’s got some great new gestures (such as using 4 fingers to change spaces or switch applications) and you can click anywhere because there’s no mouse button.
  • The soft rubber edge all round the screen which replaces the little rubber bumpers one normally gets.
  • The flat screen – no raised bezel.


  • The black keyboard. The keys should be white, or maybe aluminium. Definitely need aluminium keys on the MBPro.
  • The screen hinge is black which looks a bit odd. While I can see that it has been done like that because it’s part of the screen it really looks as if it should be made from the same material as the body i.e. Aluminum.
  • No FireWire port! And because there’s no FireWire port only 2 USB ports!
  • The price. The price of the cheapest MB was £699 (ish) but the new one is now £950. Admittedly you can still get a MB in the old style for £712 but it now looks like a poor relation. It’s been upgraded slightly with more RAM and a SuperDrive which is something. At the moment the old style MB and MBP are still available at some resellers, e.g. John Lewis.

So, overall the new ally MB is pretty good although I still like the old style white designs. It’ll be interesting to see if Apple make any mods in the near future, especially in response to the fairly prevelant view in the Mac community about the black keyboard.

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