People who drive barges

On my way home I use a little country lane, you know, the single-track sort with tall hedges and passing places. Well normally it’s no problem (bar the odd horse) but today I had the misfortune to follow an IDIOT in a new Bentley convertible. This car was so wide I can only describe it as a barge. He drove at the speed of a snail, stopping dead for every blade of grass in case it scratched his paintwork. At one point a car going in the opposite direction pulled over so we could get past and this Bentley bloke took ages to get past, inching along with a good foot to spare either side! The bloke in the other car shook his head in despair – “it’s all right for you” I told him, “I’ve been following this f**cker for nearly a mile!”

Why do these people use lanes if they are so worried about their car? If I had a £200K car I wouldn’t go down a lane like that! </rant>

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