Smalling my website

I was reading a blog yesterday where the author had used a WordPress plugin to generate a customised version of his WordPress blog to suit the iPhone display. I think this only works if you host your own blog, because WordPress doesn’t allow mere mortals to add plugins. Still, not being too disheartened I decided to experiment with an “iPhone sized” version of my web site.

iPhone is perfectly capable of displaying any website in all its glory, however I thought it would be fun to develop a version which was customised so you don’t have to scroll or zoom to see the full page.

At the moment I’ve just coded a single page to see how it works. It’s just a first attempt and needs some work, e.g. I need to fix it to stop “floating”. If you want to have a look just click on the link at the end of this post. Of course if you don’t have an iPhone you won’t be able to appreciate the goodness.

The Wizzard Prang iPhone page

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