Testing, testing!

Had a gleaming day at Silverstone – day 3 of F1 testing. Awesome!

Kimi and Ferrari were fantastic!

Some interesting machinery in the car park as well: e.g. Ferrari 430, a beautiful 328GTS, Aston Martin Zagato (pity about the green metallic, dude) and a Porsche GT3.

Minor flies in ointment: too many restrictions on where we could spectate from, the price of entry (!) and that bloody catch fencing. Even if I had a decent camera the fencing has made getting decent pictures a thing of the past. Still, an excellent day all round.

2 thoughts on “Testing, testing!

  1. having tried photography at Brands Hatch, I agree that even a decent camera with a zoom lens won’t help. the really good angles tend to have camera points set up… and you need a really big lens to make those worthwile as well!

  2. Back in the day I used to get good action shots using my film SLR with a 200 or 300 lens. Brands was particularly good – infield at Druids you had the pick of locations plus because it was the inside of the corner (so cars never came off in your direction!) there was no fencing to get in the way (assumes wistful expression…).

    Note to self – find those old prints in the loft and scan some onto the website!

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