A long time since my last post

It’s been a while since my last confession post, too many other things to do.

Anyway, yesterday I had to wash the cars. Not something I’d normally do, mine wasn’t that dirty as paint was still visible beneath the mud. However, we’ve a family of Starlings nesting in the gutter and the driveway is directly beneath their flight path. Last year I vowed to get up the ladder and make the site less attractive to the birds but I never got around to it and when the Starlings took up residence this spring I didn’t have the heart to turf them out. I am paying for it now as we get woken at first light and then there’s the poo!

I also had to get a new tyre for my daughter’s car. After shopping around I went to Apsley Tyres, excellent service and price – so they deserve a mention.

Oh, and Kimi deserves a mention too! P1 in Spain and Ferrari doing well. F1 comes back to Europe where it belongs, so I’m more likely to watch it.


One thought on “A long time since my last post

  1. Must have been the weekend for car washing! Managed to get mine nice and shiny Saturday – Sunday I had the rain (with the sand from the Sahara!) and the dive bombing attack by the geese… it was like I had never bothered in the first place …

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