Microsoft slow down F1?

This year all F1 cars will use the same FIA designated Electronic Control Unit, manufactured by… Microsoft! Now what could be wrong with that?

Well according to Renault engineers, who previously used their own Magneti-Marelli system, the Microsoft-MES SECU is about half as powerful as the outgoing system with a quarter of the memory and it weighs 35% more than the previous system.

Good old Microsoft Bloatware! 

5 thoughts on “Microsoft slow down F1?

  1. Just playing Devil’s Advocate here 😉
    So what would we get if Mac had designed the ECU? Could we expect a superb video feeback, linked to the driver’s IPOD that would select the music depending upon driver’s pulse and the engine noise – all in a very sexy design with the odd splash of colour?
    Or would we find that the cars would need to be resdesigned to cope with a single footpedal for the driver that operates the brake, the clutch and the accelerator??? 😀

  2. If it was a MacECU the cars wouldn’t crash, the engines would never break down, spying would be impossible, if you had a problem with one tyre you could change it without needing to stop the whole car, starting would not need a long, drawn out start up process, fewer engineers would be needed in a team, and the Technical Director could spend 80% of his time on strategy and tactics and 20% on fixing things that go wrong rather than 80% on fixing things that go wrong and 20% on tactics and strategy. Of course, they’d only work on Formula One cars – but why accept anything less?

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