Go Kimi

Well done Kimi!

I haven’t been watching the last few races, or at least only catching bits of them. There is a reason for this. Hamilton Media Frenzy.

I know I’m in a minority but I really do have a problem with the lad. I’m sure he has talent but then so do the other rookies, e.g. Kovalainen and Vettel. The main difference is they are doing their best with inferior machinery compared to Hamilton. You could put a monkey in the McLaren and it would probably win.

The other problem with Hamilton is his attitude. He hasn’t endeared himself to most of the drivers, whereas the casual fan (and Sun readers!) think he’s the best thing since bread came sliced. He’s aloof, arrogant and so media savvy I’m convinced Ronzo has programmed him with a special McLaren media chip.

Still, like I said that’s just me (and possibly only me)! I’m looking forward to Brazil come what may!


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