Printer strangeness

I’ve just spent a while trying to get a network printer set up on my iBook. I used to print to the HP printer on my iMac but recently (I didn’t notice when exactly) the printer disappeared from the available printer menu. Normally you can just add a printer by clicking “add printer” from the printer preferences and pick the one you want from the list. Now for some reason the printer just doesn’t show up on the list. I can print to it on the iMac and even from my Windoze PC using Bonjour!

So… I found a way using IP printing and providing the local address of the iMac, allowing the iBook to use the default printer queue, which is alright as there is only one printer on it anyway with Generic Postscript as the printer driver.

Well, the above workaround works fine but why? Or, rather why does the standard HP set up not work anymore? I hate it when I can’t find a reason so I will investigate further. Rest assured dear reader that I will post an update when I have more news!


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