Scenes from Buncefield

Most of the roads surrounding the oil depot are open now, so it’s possible to get fairly close to the site. Here are some images of the office buildings nearest the fire showing the damage caused by the blast and shots of the tanks. The oil depot is most definitely off-limits! If you want to see more pictures go to my website. All images © Wizzard Prang.


Fires completely extinguished last night. Drove past on the M1 this morning, it was an incredible site. Even inside the car I could smell Kerosene, while lumps of foam drifted across the adjacent fields like tumbleweed.

It’s still burning

The fire still burns, although the fire fighters are making good progress. The smoke goes for miles. All local roads remain closed. Stayed at home today, managed to get some work done by phone and email. Watched the news crews watching the fire. Took a few pictures. Images © Wizzard Prang.


At 06:03 this morning we were woken by the loudest explosion. The house shook, at first I thought the house had been hit by something, like part of an aircraft. We looked outside to see everything bathed in a bright orange glow. The nearby oil depot had suffered a massive explosion. There were flames 200 feet high.

12 hours later it’s still burning. The whole area has been cordoned off, the local roads are all shut and we can’t get anywhere. Some people have been evacuated from their homes. All day there has been this enormous plume of smoke which has spread for miles!

I took some pictures, pretty rubbish due to the low light levels. I sent some to Sky News and the BBC – Sky bounced the message because their email system was full but the BBC showed some of them! I’ve posted a few here, you can see more on my website. All images © Wizzard Prang.